Placemat -  (Set of 4)

Placemat - (Set of 4)

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Make the center of your table the best feature in the room with these gorgeous placemats from Santo Tomas Jalieza, Oaxaca. Entirely made by hand on a traditional backstrap loom, from soft yet durable cotton, these placemates will add color and texture to your table.

The tradition of the use of the waist loom, a pre-hispanic system for weaving, is passed down generation by generation and consists of a leather strap and rope that is placed on the lower back and waist of the craftsman.

With the help of this they elaborate their fabrics made with cotton thread and with natural dyes such as indigo, huizache, pomegranate, aloe and melissa plant that give life to the pieces.

  • 100% cotton
  • Dimensions: 43 cm wide x 33.5 cm long
  • Colors: Gray-White
  • Made in Santo Tomas Jalieza, Oaxaca Mexico

Care instructions: Recommended cold hand wash. Lie flat in shade to dry. This piece can be ironed on low heat with a thin sheet over the top to protect the surface.

Please note that due to the nature of handmade, products may have slight imperfections or vary slightly from images pictured on this website.