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We are Yaz and Isabel, a Mexican anthropologist and a Spanish businesswoman, passionate about traveling and in love with Mexico, its traditions, its flavors, its people, its colors… 

Before we were co-founders we were friends. We talked about wanting something like xcaanda home to exist way before we actually decided to do it ourselves. 

We created a new type of home brand, designed for a different kind of consumer like you, like us.
A consumer that cares about ethical sourcing, values one of a kind, authentic products, without compromising on design and that expects the highest quality. 

At xcaanda home, we aim to bring your home a thoughtfully curated collection of functional, well designed and ethically made home goods that celebrate independent small businesses, craftspeople and artisans in Mexico.

"Our dream here at xcaanda home is to preserve the millenary production methods used by artisans and to apply them in contemporary spaces."

Yaz & Isabel 
founders xcaanda home


The word xcaanda means hope and dreams in Zapotec, one of the many languages spoken in Mexico.
Each of our products tells a story through their details, colors and design. Sustainable, handmade by master craftspeople, always using natural materials.
Each and every single work of art we offer you has its own soul and spirit, a unique and distinctive identity. 

At xcaanda home we love the beauty of handmade products, as well as the history behind each one of them. By finding the delicate balance between tradition and new trends, we celebrate the diversity of Mexican traditional craftpeopleship. 

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