Hand-blown glass

With passion, compromise, effort, and commitment to recycling, our partners in Oaxaca create unique hand-blown pieces from up-cycled glass collected by the local communities surrounding Oaxaca, Mexico.
The craftsmen meticulously care for every detail. Every single hand-blown glass piece is manufactured using sustainable and artisanal processes, giving them a slight variation in color and form, thus telling the unique story of the individual who crafted it.

Waist loom

Waist looms have been used since pre-hispanic times in Mexico. In Santo Tomás Jalieza (Oaxaca, Mexico) the women weave entirely by memory, passing this ancestral technique from mother to daughter, generation after generation.
The waist loom consists of a leather strap and rope that is placed on the lower back and waist of the artisan.
With the help of this they elaborate their fabrics made with cotton thread and with natural dyes such as indigo, huizache, pomegranate, aloe and melissa plant that give life to the pieces.
These talented ladies execute intricate patterns and stunning details. The work they do is not only complicated and time-consuming, but requires an immense amount of skill, patience, and dedication. Their passion shines through the pieces they create.

Behind every artisan there is an artist, behind every piece there is a craftsman. This is art.

Pedal loom 

The people of Oaxaca have used pedal looms to weave for over 500 years. Traditionally, it is the men who operate the foot pedal loom as it can be physically demanding work.
We collaborate with a local family-run business in Oaxaca whose objective is to bring tradition, innovation, and design together, by offering the highest quality you can find in the region. They are very committed to their community teaching young people how to operate the loom, to ensure a sustainable income from using their knowledge and preserving their traditions.
New generations are getting involved, more craft groups are emerging and the story will continue ...  

Hand woven palm 

Basket weaving is one of the oldest and most deeply-rooted artisan activities in Oaxaca, Mexico and it is a female work.
The women of San Luis, Oaxaca have been mastering palm weaving techniques for generations and their tenates (baskets) represent some of the best and most meticulous palm weaving techniques in the region.
A lot of time, skill and a deep knowledge of the materials used is required; boiling, drying, braiding, sewing and weaving, the women of San Luis (Oaxaca, Mexico) master the ins and outs of bringing this material to life.

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Time honored techniques

Carefully handcrafted products through time-honored, heritage techniques.

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From local, natural materials to  entirely handcrafted products.

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Natural Material

Using a range of natural fibers from the communities we work with.