The true luxury

Arriving in Oaxaca is to immerse yourself in a melting pot of striking beauty, which colour and cultural diversity inspire master artisans to create wonderful objects of art.
When visiting the different textile regions in Oaxaca, we were amazed by the beauty and delicacy of their regional works.

We are really lucky to work with families of artisans who participate enthusiastically with xcaanda home.


Within the cultural heritage of each ethnic group, textiles are an important source of information: it allows us to decode the origin of each cultural group or know whether their textile techniques were created before or after the Spanish Conquest.

Creating a craft textile requires time and mastery not only of weaving techniques and aesthetics, but of a knowledge that they have been inheriting from generation to generation, mainly from mother to daughter, although today men also play an important role in the creation of these textiles.


"The craftsmanship is not about repeating learned techniques, it is far more than that, it is an exhalation that ist transformed into an object by hands with a strong need for creation".

For many families, the commercialization of their handcrafted fabrics represents an important, if not the only source of income and the family support.

The first emotions of being in front of Oaxacan artisanal textiles, their colors, their aesthetics and their wonderful creation techniques, is otherwise emotive.
It is like pausing time and having the prevailing need to value or revalue the meticulous and exquisite work, for example the excellent work waist loom women weavers do.














At this point, we are convinced that the concept of luxury article needs to be redefined.

"The world of luxury that is emerging appears as of traditional know-how, innovation and conservation of heritage. Consuming luxury is all over consuming a product, a legend or a myth, traditional know-hows and rituals". 

Gilles Lipovestky

In xcaanda home the true luxury lies in the genuine value of the art-object as a result of the collective imaginary, the ancestral heritage of artisanal techniques, the precise knowledge of plants, fruits and roots to carry out the processes of pigmentation of natural fibers and above all the patience love and dedication that each piece requires to make it a unique piece of art as well as a useful object with which we can mix the ancestral heritage with our everyday life.



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