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Spring has arrived bringing a bright range of colors, warmer days and clear nights. This year is also special, as in many countries we have been restricted when it comes to getting together, going out or going to eat out. So, now more than ever, eating at home regains great meaning.

For us to prepare a nice table is almost as important as choosing the menu. To be sincere sometimes it’s even more important, 😉. That's why we want to share with you some tips with which you will surprise and get ready for that special moment.

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Ready to succeed, here we go:

  1. Invite for a dinner, a brunch or tea time. Okay, okay, now we can't invite friends, family, neighbors.... to dine at home, but why not send an invitation to those who live with us in our own home? Although eating together is most normal, a daily routine and does not require an invitation, who is not excited by the idea of someone worrying about preparing for us a special meal...

 easter cake xcaanda home

  1. Choose a base theme for your table. This is the time to let your imagination run wild: choose a color, a destination you've gone to together, a destination you want to visit together, a movie/series, handmade... It's all right! We are in love with Mexico and have set tables inspired by its beaches, its flavors, colors, people, traditions, characters ... It's our passion and even when we set the table it shows 😉

 tenango tableware pink xcaanda home

  1. Accessories: You know what theme (leitmotif) is going to be, so now look for those accessories that are going to make the table where you eat every day a special place, full of magic. Get inspired, whether it's looking at magazines, pinterest, instagram or using your own imagination. Tablecloths, candles, flowers, chandeliers, photos....., will be your best allies to create a unique atmosphere. If you decide to buy something, we recommend that you bet on the quality, for something that lasts in time.... We love to buy products that tell a story, the story of who did it, the material that was used, the method by which it was produced.  You can always share those results with your diner, generating conversations that will stick in everyone's memory, for a long time.


  1. Menu, here we have little to tell you..... Next! ;)


  1. Gifts for your guests. Let's not deny it, we all love to get a little special detail, especially now that we hardly even go out shopping. You're who knows your guests best, so I'm sure you'll know how to make the perfect choice for each of them.


We hope you liked our tips. Tell us, what are your tricks to succeed when you have those special guests??

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